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The core mission of Mr. & Mrs. Bao Restaurants Inc is to foster a sense of community by embracing the essence of home-cooked flavors. From the very beginning, our aim has been to establish a sustainable enterprise that caters to the culinary needs of individuals leading fast-paced lives, while also evoking the warmth and wholesomeness of a homemade meal. In 2017, the concept of Mr. & Mrs. Bao came to fruition within the premises of Western University. As a student myself, I keenly felt the absence of my grandmother’s comforting culinary creations, and I recognized that numerous other students shared this sentiment. It dawned on me that this was a prevailing issue affecting many others as well. In response, my partner Steven and I took decisive action and materialized our idea by introducing Asian comfort food in the form of a minimum viable product—a food truck—right on campus. With the invaluable support of the local community, our venture rapidly gained traction. Today, our dedicated team comprises 30 individuals who passionately strive to disseminate the taste of home through our fleet of food trucks and restaurants across Southwestern Ontario.


Mr. and Mrs. Bao Restaurants have committed to aligning their business practices and activities with the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations.

Tourism remains widely acknowledged and actively pursued as a means to alleviate poverty on a global scale. Developing countries, in particular, view tourism as a valuable instrument for achieving sustainable development. However, defining sustainable tourism can be a complex task. What exactly does it entail? Sustainable tourism refers to the utilization of tourism to bolster economies while preserving local cultures and the ecological foundations upon which the industry and related activities are built.

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At our heart, we are dedicated to making our community thrive and serving delicious food to every single customer! We actively collaborate with local businesses and community leaders to discover ways to enhance our services, fostering social and environmental progress. In fact, we feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet with none other than the Prime Minister himself, Justin Trudeau!

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