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Our area of operation is within London and the surrounding areas. We offer catering services or a food truck to be present at your event. Please reach out for further information!

Are you looking for some food catering at your next event? Whether it’s a  wedding, company party, or a get together with some friends, Mr and Mrs Bao can support you! Below is our catering menu, please reach out to us to discuss the pricing.

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Rice Bowls


Catering Options

Experience a culinary delight with our catering services, featuring a delectable array of Chinese baos, rice and noodle bowls, and an assortment of sides. Our fluffy baos embrace a blend of toppings, while our rice and noodle bowls present a mix of flavors through carefully curated toppings and sauces. Our food truck stands are ready to bring the festivities to your doorstep and are available for event rentals. From intimate gatherings to grand occasions, our catering option promises to impress the most discerning palates and add a memorable touch to your event.

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